Lightning Trout Stocking at Lake Hemet!

These Lightning Trout were a portion of a 2000 + pound stocking of Lake Hemet that also included plenty of trophy fish in the 3-8 pound range. For those unfamiliar with Lightning Trout … these Rainbow Trout are golden in color with a bright red stripe down their sides and a bright red gill [...]

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October 30, 2019 Rainbow Trout Stocking!

Trout Stocking continued today at Lake Hemet with another 1300 pounds from the Jess Lake Hatchery in the high desert. We can't say for sure, but it looked like there were quite a few trout in the three pounds plus range. Water temperature in Lake Hemet was exactly the same as the temperature of the [...]

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Great Summer Camping Experiences at Lake Hemet … Continue into the Fall Season

Big summer crowds are thinning out at Lake Hemet ... meaning some of our prime lake front campsites are still available on August weekends ...with the sole exception of Labor Day weekend which is currently sold out. Lake levels have dropped slightly, but many lakefront camp sites are still close enough to the water to fish [...]

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Top 10 Reasons Why Lake Hemet is a Great Place for Camping Groups

  As if lake front campsites, excellent fishing, Bald Eagles and a huge herd of wild deer are not enough ... here are the top 10 reasons why Lake Hemet is a great group camping getaway destination. Group reservations at the Lake Hemet Water Play Area Marina with pontoon boat rentals Plenty of parking near [...]

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Fishing Update: 2,500 lbs of Rainbow Trout Stocked Yesterday!

The California Fish & Wildlife stocked 2,500 pounds of Rainbow Trout yesterday, July 8, 2019. These Rainbows come from the Fillmore Fish Hatchery, resulting in over 10,000 pounds of trout that has been stocked this year! For a lakeside fishing adventure, book your cabin or campsite -->  HERE!  

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April 9, 2019 … Third Fish Stocking of the Year at Lake Hemet

Fish stocking continues at Lake Hemet ... much to the delight of the fishermen ... and our Bald Eagles and Blue Herons! Fish stocking total for 2019 is nearly 4000 pounds of Rainbow Trout. A full lake has also made our  cabins a big hit with people who want to relax at the waters edge [...]

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Fish Stockings Create Strong Spring Trout Bite at Lake Hemet!

Lake Hemet Rainbow Trout stocking in February and March has begun to produce nice fish using PowerBait and worms fished on the bottom off the peninsula near the marina.  Lake Hemet is now at full capacity from winter rains. Water clarity is still little cloudy from all the water flows but beginning to clear up. [...]

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