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Haunted Hotel!

Dare to take a tour through the Haunted Hotel, each Suite a different Nightmare. A creepy balance of Live Actors, Animations, and Special Effects.

Boneyard Maze!

Take a chance and see if you can find your way out, but be careful, the Maze is littered with the Bones of those who could not.

Abandoned Mine!

Could there be any Gold left in this abandoned mine, or just the Ghosts of those who never stopped looking? Be careful, the walls have eyes.

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Live Bands 

Once you are ready for a break from all that screaming you can enjoy the live music, why not shake your Bones?

Or…join the nightly Thriller Dance!

Friday Oct 6: Aquarius Soul

Aquarius Soul is an acoustic folk duo with a similar sound to Mumford and Sons. Their brand of americana folk will bring a smile to your face and make you want to dance.

Saturday Oct 7: *69

Remember the 90s? *69 is a callback from the 90s, bringing out hit after hit from Four Non Blondes to Blur. They’ll make you feel all good inside and make you have a rad time.

Facebook – *69

Friday Oct 13: Pentagrams & Daisies

This power duo consists of Colin Garth Smith on guitar and Monica Sierras’ powerful vocals. With a sound similar to Shiny Toy Guns, Pink, and Morningwood they’ll be sure to raise your spirits.

Facebook – Pentagrams n Daisies

Saturday Oct 14: Rundown Kreeps

Rundown Kreeps are a blend of pop-punk, rockabilly, and ska playing fun upbeat music remisncient to Green Day, Sublime, and all things upbeat.

Facebook – Rundown Kreeps

Friday Oct 20: Flying Zephyr

The Flying Zephyr is an alternative rock group with an alternative twist and a dash of Soul and jazz.

Facebook – The Flying Zephyr Music

Saturday Oct 21: Sovereign Artist

Sovereign Artist perfectly balances genres from funk, soul, metal, hip-hop, and reggae. Their influences range from 311, Rage Against the Machine, and Rebelution.

Facebook – The Sovereign Artist

Tower Guard

Tower Guard from San Bernardino is a culmination of Metal, Brotherhood and Wizardry. Their heavy metal sound pulls influences from Iron Maiden, Legend of Zelda, and Metallica.

Facebook – Tower Guard

Friday Oct 27: The B Sharps

A blend of ska, punk and reggae this band brings the crowds out in troves with their wild personalities and upbeat songs.

Facebook – The bSharps Band

Saturday Oct 28: HBH

H.B.H is a reggae group from Huntington Beach bringing the sweet jams and good vibes from one of the best SoCal beaches.

Facebook – HBH

Tuesday Oct 31: Skaberry Jam

Skaberry Jam- Ska group from Huntington Beach, sure to bring the SoCal vibes and all the horns.

Facebook – Skaberry Jam


Buy Tickets Now!($15-20 per person)
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