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Camping Reservations

Reserve My Campsite

Don’t want to set-up or take down any of your camping gear? Want it all set-up before you arrive? Click here.

  • When making a reservation, the entire stay (including the $9.00 reservation fee) must be paid at time of booking. If you are planning to camp without reservations, rates are paid upon arrival. MasterCard, Discover, and VISA accepted.
  • Summer holidays require a three night minimum stay.
  • All other reservations (Summer and Winter) are a requirement of two nights minimum.

Questions? Call our friendly reservation team at (951) 659-2680. Available daily from 8:00am to 7:00pm.

Campground Cancellation Policy

  • Date Change Fee: $9
    $9 fee to change the date, no changes within 72 hours.
  • Cancellation Fee: $9
    Cancel 30 days or more prior to reservation.
  • Late Cancellation Fee: Cancel within 30 days to 72 hours prior to reservation – forfeit one night as late cancellation fee.
  • Cancellations within 72 hours are non refundable.

Business Terms & Conditions – All Types

  1. Guests.   Registering guest must be 18 years of age with valid credit card or valid picture ID.  If you are planning to camp without a reservation, rates are paid upon arrival by Mastercard, Visa, Discover or Cash ONLY.  Personal checks are not accepted.
  2. Minimum Stay of three nights is required for ALL Summer holiday weekends.  All other weekends are a 2 night stay.
  3. Reservation Fees.   Call Center (1-951-659-2680)  Reservation Fee is $9.00.  Up to three reservations may be made per call.  The Reservation Fee for online reservations is $9.00  per reservation.
  4. Reservation Deposit:  Reservations fees for Memorial Weekend through Labor Day Weekend are confirmed with a prepayment deposit by credit card, (Full stay plus the reservation fee). Deposit holds the campsite for the date(s) of reservation only. Reservation will be cancelled if deposit credit authorization is denied within two (2) days of making reservation.
  5. Confirmation.   You will receive a confirmation by email.  The confirmation will only be sent after your credit card has been authorized.  All reservations are tentative until the confirmation email is sent to your address.
  6. Reservation Cancellation:  A $9.00  Cancellation Fee applies to all reservations cancellations of 30 days or more. Late Cancellation Fee applies to Reservations cancelled within 30 days to 72 hours prior to the reservation check in time and day and equals forfeiture of one night as a late cancellation fee.  CANCELATIONS WITHIN 72 HOURS IS NON-REFUNDABLE.
  7. Date Change Fee:   No changes within 72 hours of arrival can be accommodated.
  8. Deposit Refunds:  A cancelled reservation will be credited back to the charge account that was used to place the reservation.  Refunds may be requested by phone, email or postal mail. The date of receipt by Lake Hemet Recreation Company will determine the refund due.
  9. Reservation Balance:  Due at check-in. Cash, VISA, Master Card and Discover accepted for final payment – checks not accepted. Additional charges not declared at the time of the reservation will be collected upon arrival including (extra persons, boats to be launched, pets, extra vehicles, etc.)  No refund for early checkouts.
  10. Check-In: 3 P.M., Checkout: by 11 A.M.  (Noon)  Campers may request a late check out at the time of check in.  The fee for late checkout available Sunday through Wednesday is $12.00.  The late checkout time is 7:00pm.
  11. Motorcycles are allowed in designated campsites only and may not be used for general transportation throughout the Campground.  Please respect the peace and keep motor noise to the barest minimum.
  12. No skateboarding on property. Campground Rules and Regulations and FAQ  are posted on the home page.
  13. Pets (up to two and must be on 6’ leash at all times) are allowed on property. Loud or aggressive pets will cause their owners to be asked to leave.

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